The beginning of the Festival is almost here! We would like to thank you all for applications and recruitment meetings; the response we got has exceeded all our expectations ! Unfortunately, we had to make a selection, even though we would like to give each and every one of you an opportunity to become a part of Our Festival Team. Let’s hope, we’ll see you all next year!

The chosen lucky ones are asked to keep in touch at all times with the Volunteer Coordinator, Justyna Skowronek by phone:  +48 517 056 469, or by mail: wolontariat2015[at]2015.photomonth.com. All our volunteers are invited to join our Facebook group, which will facilitate the information exchange and speed up dealing with various issues at hand.


Our volunteers need to be communicative, responsive, flexible,  and up to speed on the current events of one of the biggest Photo Festivals in Europe! The work of Our Team is essential for the effective preparation and smooth management of the Photomonth Festival. As this year volunteering programme has been shaped in cooperation with Volunteer Leaders since March, they are the people to go to if you have any questions connected with volunteering for us.



Our Volunteer Sections


Exhibition Setup

Volunteers work physically helping with exhibition setup under specialised supervision. Patience, fine motor and manual skills are essential for the job.


Exhibition Supervision

If you love art and enjoy talking about it, this section is definitely for you! You will be asked to supervise Photomonth exhibitions at the appointed hours and places as well as provide visitors with information about a given artist and his works.


Guest Pickup

Volunteers provide a roundtrip airport shuttle service for the invited festival guests. If you are punctual and have a good command of English, this may be the task for you!


Distribution of Promotional Materials

Love moving around and talking to new people? Know the city inside out? Sign up here. You will be responsible for distribution of posters, invitations and other promotional materials.


Accompanying Events

A good command of English is a must for any volunteer joining this section. Your role will be to supervise and facilitate Master Series meetings, workshops, and guided tours.


Portfolio Reviews

Volunteers help  to prepare and then manage the event, assisting both artists and participants. A necessary requirement for any member of this section is a fluent command of English and the ability to play the part of a translator during the meetings of the participants with reviewers.


Festival Evaluation

All volunteers will be asked at some point to evaluate Photomonth volunteering, which will help us to verify which of the target goals we have been able to achieve.  A group of volunteers will also attend the exhibitions at weekends to find out what Photomonth Festival visitors think about its programme and exhibitions. Even our guests, invited for the festival, will be asked about their impressions and opinions. The work of volunteers working in this section will contribute to the further development of the Photomonth Festival in Kraków as well as volunteering itself.



Whatever your role as a volunteer is, snap photos. At the end of the festival we will select two best single photos or stories and award the photographers. The choice of the medium: a film, gif or photo, as well as a type of a camera, depends on you. What counts is imagination and ingenuity in portraying  the theme of Photomonth Festival 2015: Conflict. During the festival interesting  photojournalistic tasks will be assigned to the members of this section.



Our festival sections are work in progress, evolving continuously! Your contribution is welcome. So, If you have some interesting ideas, want to lend a helping hand or see a way for improvement – contact our Volunteer Coordinator. We are open to any photographic projects involving interactions between festival visitors and Our Team. We will do our best to keep you informed about which sections or tasks need filling  as well as any interesting projects that you could participate in.

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