Mandalas | 30.05.2015

Długa 72
Sat.- 12.00-15:00
Mandalas | 30.05.2015

This workshop is an invitation to work together actively and reflect on the main theme of this year’s Krakow Photomonth – conflict.


It is addressed to families (grandparents, parents with children, cousins), groups of friends and acquaintances, and also people looking for new photography experiences.


We’ll be thinking about how to construct interpersonal relationships and express them in visual form. We will look for new forms of expression, and, using the graphic character of the technique of luxography as well as symbolism, we’ll try to produce a unique photographic group portrait.


Participants will work in groups (each maximum six people) to compose a mandala, expose it appropriately (luxography technique), and process the picture in a darkroom.


Led by: Basia Budniak

Venue: Skład Długa, ul. Długa 72

Date: 30.05, 12 p.m.–3 p.m.

Number of participants: 5 groups each of max. 6 people

Age: children aged from 6; teenagers, adults, senior citizens




Basia Budniak, photographer seeking and examining the possibilities of the photographic medium, student of the University of Arts in Poznań. Leader of photography workshops for children and young people interested in learning about the unique language of photography. A long-time collaborator with Krakow Photomonth.

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