Yulia Krivich: Presentiment (book)

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Yulia Krivich:  Presentiment  (book)

Yulia Krivich, Untitled 1, from the series Presentiment, 2014 ©Yulia Krivich. Courtesy of the artist




Presentimentis a record of consciousness. An external form of sensing changes that have occurred or could occur. A presentiment is an irrational state, an inexpressible signal that something is approaching. The protagonists of my photographs are young people and the undefined places where they are. The point here is not the location, but the dimension of existence or identity.


I go to Ukraine several times a year and I note a certain coincidence: I go home right before the major events take place– the protest in Independence Square [Kiev] or the open invasion of Russian armies into the eastern parts of the country. I tie this to the disquiet that takes hold of me.


Reflection has become my foothold. I caught the sudden changes happening in my country, but also within me. This has brought me to combine pictures that verge on photoreportage with situations I staged and invented.


This is a complex presentiment of the conflictedness of a land foundering between contrasts. It is an intuitive attempt to capture my subconscious and all the unease that comes with it.


Yulia Krivich



The form of the book is a “logical” consequence of howYulia tells her story. It is based on unfinished statements, tensions in the spaces between defined concepts, shifts and paradoxes. The image is a depiction which does not lose its materiality along the way. In Presentiment sensitivity and delicacy have a highly defined, intangible, but keenly perceptible weight.


Curator: Ania Nałęcka



Yulia Krivich (born 1988, Dnipropetrovsk)

She is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (2013) and the Construction and Architecture Academy in Dnipropetrovsk(2010). She won the main award at Coming Out – Best Graduation Projects of the Academy of Fine Arts 2013. She works with the Ukrainian Photography Alternative (UPHA) association. Her work addresses the topic of the younger generation in post-Soviet regions.



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Book premiere: 16.05.2015, 7 p.m.

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