Anna Zagrodzka: DOB1000609

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Anna Zagrodzka:  DOB1000609

Anna Zagrodzka, Untitled 1, from the series DOB1000609, 2015.  © Anna Zagrodzka. Courtesy of the artist



Anna Zagrodzka produced her DOB1000609 project during an internship at Dobrzelin sugar factory, while at the same time working on her engineer’s thesis at Łódź University of Technology.

The artist traces the production process. She keeps a journal in which she conveys scientific data in visual form. She synthesises forms of architecture, machines and processed materials. She blurs the boundary between scientific research and art, reducing industrial reality to meditative film forms.

In the DOB1000609 project, scientific documentation takes on a personal character. The idea of unity is fulfilled. The tension between the mechanical and rational and the intuitive and metaphysical vanishes. Most interesting is the combination of these two worlds. Looking at Zagrodzka’s works, we see her accomplishments and the structure of the factory as an inextricable part of the universe.

Curator: Igor Omulecki


Anna Zagrodzka (born 1991, Warsaw)

She is a student of photography at Łódź Film School and at the Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Science at Łódź University of Technology. In her work she experiments with form, combining photography with video and sound. She has served internships at Whitworth Art Gallery and Manchester Museum, as well as at Zachęta – National Gallery of Art in Warsaw. 



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Opening: 16.05.2015, 7 p.m.

Exhibition open: 16.05–14.06.2015

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